Effective pest control – that helps in the fight against pests

They crawl, whir and bite. Pests in the home are not only disgusting, some even transmit diseases. If you want to fight the vermin, you do not have to resort to chemicals – simple tricks help.

Pests in the home are therefore a taboo subject, even though they do not stop at the cleanest flats. It is High time to clear up the prejudices and to effectively put the vermin through effective pest control.

Avoid Cozy Places

The first step in pest control: find out what exactly crawls and stings, how many animals there are and through which crack the tiny things have penetrated. It is crucial to study the behavior of the animals carefully. That’s the only way to get them to understand and trick them.

The goal must always be to make the animals as uncomfortable as possible and to eliminate their places of retreat. Because as long as their habitat remains untouched, it makes little sense to drive away pests – after all, they are coming back.

This helps against moths in the closet

Almost everyone knows the sight of a small hole in the favorite pullover. Strikingly often, it sits exactly at chest level, where people often stain and find the moths, according to Eva Scholl food leftovers.

It is advisable to periodically remove the wardrobe and discard excess trousers and T-shirts.Storage is the problem. After all, no moth has ever eaten a hole in a T-shirt that someone is wearing right now.

Mice the another name of nightmare

Currently, the mouse invasion in the country is a huge problem: the vermin multiplies rapidly and penetrates through holes in houses and homes. In addition, they prepare the way for rats that follow them as soon as the loopholes are big enough. Mice have a rapid generation change – from the twelfth generation must be expected with resistance to insecticides.

Mice love black holes and heat – they do not like it at all. Those who want to go for mice removal they must therefore make their habitat as uncomfortable as possible. This also means that birds only feed very selectively in winter, because fallen bird food also loves the rodents.

Beware of insecticides

To get rid of pests and vermin, many people resort to drastic measures. But insecticides are often counterproductive. Many drugs are nerve agents and harm the users more than the animals. Because sprayed surfaces are useless for the creepy-crawlies, because they smell with their feet. The result: The vermin flees from the poison in even more hidden cracks, angles and corners.


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