With the following aspects you will be able to save more energy

During the purchase phase, choose air conditioners that use the Inverter technology that adapts the power to the actual need and reduces the on and off cycles. This system allows a longer life of the appliance and an energy saving of more than 30%. Like all household appliances, air conditioners must also have an energy label that indicates their efficiency class. Class A is the best. Use the air conditioners only during the hottest hours of the day and only in cases of real necessity. In order to know more about Aircon service Geelong, you can always seek help online.

Do not keep it on normally or until late at night if it is not hot

Make sure that the system is correctly dimensioned by relying on an expert and qualified technician who advises the machines of adequate power for the real needs of air conditioning. Because of the continuous cycles of switching on and off the compressor, an oversized system involves useless energy expenditure, up to 50% more. During installation it is preferable to place the outdoor unit in a shaded area, in this way activating the cooling operation it is possible to reduce consumption by up to 5% compared to another exposed to the sun.

Make sure that the water produced by the condensate is evacuated without problems

It is advisable that around the outdoor unit there are no elements that prevent the correct flow of air. No to air conditioners behind columns, furniture or too attached to walls. Do not place objects in front of the indoor unit this prevents the formation of a barrier that could hinder the normal and correct air distribution, causing a waste of energy. Shield windows and windows. Doors and windows must always be tightly closed, possibly with double glazing. A good method to prevent heat is to apply solar films to the windows. They are special polyester films that block heat and UV rays by letting light pass. They can block up to 80% of solar energy. It is also advisable to isolate the air conditioned environment from the other rooms. This prevents the system from working at full capacity to compensate for the difference in temperature between the rooms.

Maintain the system every two or three years to check the refrigerant and replace if necessary

Particular attention should be paid to filters which, if not properly maintained, can lead to health risks. In fact, if dirty or inefficient, they can carry harmful agent’s allergens, such as pollens or dust, but also bacteria and viruses, such as those of the common cold. In most cases the filters are easily removed and can be washed with soap and water, then left to dry in the air and in the sun. There are also filters that regenerate in the sun, such as those with and activated carbon filters that are simply brushed. Do not place appliances such as televisions or computers near temperature sensors. The heat generated by these machines can ‘fool’ the thermostats, causing the air conditioner to work more than necessary.

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